Children Program

Children Program (Ages 6 to 12)

Learning martial arts at our academy will provide your children with various self-defense, as well as life skills to succeed in every aspect of their life!  Parents and teachers notice a dramatic difference at both home and school once they start taking our classes.

At Dr. Kim’s Taekwondo, our instructors provide your children:

  • High Energy, Exciting Classes
  • Better School Grades
  • Gain Leadership, Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Respect, & Perseverance
  • Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying Techniques
  • Road to Become a Black Belt Life Champion!

Testimonials from Our Parents for Children’s Class (Ages 6-12)

We joined Dr. Kim’s Taekwondo family almost 7 years ago. Our daughter was 6 years old and ADHD.  Over the years, Master Kim has helped to teach her control, self-discipline, respect, focus and confidence.  Master Kim and his instructors have helped her to achieve 2nd degree black belt and is currently training her for 3rd Degree Black Belt.  She is one of the Junior Instructors and enjoys assisting the lower belts to achieve the same goals she has. Master Kim affords every child the equal opportunity to achieve the maximum benefits he/she can possibly achieve.  We have watched him train and support Down Syndrome children with exemplary success.  During this trying time through the pandemic, we have watched Master Kim and his Instructors research and carry out the highest standards following all State and CDC Guidelines.  We would highly recommend Master Kim’s World Taekwondo Academy for anyone who wants to enrich their lives and/or that of their children.

Mrs. Pauline Thomas, Trinity’s mom ★★★★★

My daughter is Leah Greenlief, and our family moved to Lexington 4 years ago.  She was very nervous about the move. She wanted to start Taekwondo classes. After our first visit to tour the facility she was ready to start classes that night. Dr. Kim was encouraging and a great motivator for her. She quickly began to make new friends and want to spend all of her time there.  She began to compete in competitions in state and out of state. She has participated in the Summer program, after school program, and Demo team. She loves being there and the friends that she has made. I cannot thank Dr. Kim and staff for the environment that has been created for kids of all ages to truly learn valuable skills and lessons that they can not only use in Taekwondo, but in everyday life. I cannot praise everyone enough for not just providing classes for her to learn, but also providing a safe environment and a family feel to her experience. We are approaching our Black belt now and she is just getting started!! 
Thank you for everything you do for the students and for families!!

– Mrs. Heather Greenlief, Leah’s mom ★★★★★

I have really been impressed by Dr. Kim’s World Taekwondo Academy.  After 4 years studying under Dr. Kim, my daughter has grown not only as an athlete, but also as a better student and member of the community.  Dr. Kim really seems to strive to make this the best Taekwondo academy in town, exploring not only Taekwondo, but South Korean culture and customs.  Student instructors that team teach with Dr. Kim are top notch, also.  The academy is clean and well taken care of.  The cleaning standards have been impressive during Covid-19.

– Chris Francis, Rachel’s dad ★★★★★

We are so delighted our son is under the instruction of Master Kim! His leadership in developing a spirit of discipline, self-control and desire for excellence is such a positive influence. All of this is done in a warm and friendly environment that is fostering respect for elders and peers. Thank you, Master Kim for his dedication to our kids!

– Mrs. Jan Skinker, Christian’s mom ★★★★★