Adult/Teen Program

With Our Adult/Teen Program, adults and teenagers improve their physical fitness and relieve stress in a positive, encouraging environment.  They improve flexibility, coordination, endurance, humility, and valuable self-defense techniques.

At Dr. Kim’s Taekwondo, our instructors provide adults and teenagers:

  • High Energy, Fun Classes
  • Practical Self-Defense & Olympic Style Sparring
  • Gain Flexibility, Coordination, & Fitness
  • Lose Weight
  • Stress Relief
  • Build Self-Esteem with Martial Arts

Testimonials from Our Students for Adult/Teenager’s Class

My name is Saisha Dhar and I am in 12th grade. I have been attending Dr. Kim’s World Taekwondo Academy since I was 13. I would not be the same without it – the Taekwondo techniques and life skills I have learned here are unparalleled. Grandmaster Kim’s expertise and knowledge makes him a positive and skilled role model that students look up to and learn from. Every time I tested and moved up a belt rank, Grandmaster Kim and the supportive community I found at Dr. Kim’s Taekwondo motivated me to strive towards the next rank until my eventual black belt. As a girl, I feel empowered and safe with the self-defense skills I have learned.

Throughout my time at Dr. Kim’s World Taekwondo Academy, I have gained perseverance, dedication, and courage, and I will carry those traits in all aspects of my future. I have also used these life skills in my academic studies, which have greatly improved since I joined Taekwondo. Grandmaster Kim always pushes his students to do their best, and with his encouragement and support I made a perfect score on my ACT. Due to the stories of dedication and commitment I am exposed to at Dr. Kim’s Taekwondo, I am inspired to keep working hard to succeed. Taekwondo and joining Dr. Kim’s World Taekwondo Academy was one of the best decisions of my life – it truly enables kids to be their own superheroes.  

– Saisha Dhar, Student ★★★★★

I started when I was 11 years old and since then I have become much more disciplined and focused. The benefits of taekwondo have helped me in school and in making friends. Learning taekwondo on its own is already a big help in knowing that I can defend my self if a situation ever arises that I need to. Grand Master Kim and his staff are all great instructors and have made learning taekwondo fun, exciting and informational, I have learned so much from them about taekwondo and being a better student.

– Diego Farfan, Student ★★★★★

I started when I was 6 years old and since I have become more focused and confident in myself. Taekwondo has helped me make friends and become less stressed about life in general. Grandmaster Kim and the instructors have made learning Taekwondo fun and exciting in more ways than one. I have learned so much about defending myself and how to be a better person. I am 13 years old now and like taking the adult / teen class so I can learn more about Korean culture and how to defend myself.

-Trinity Thomas, Student ★★★★★