Family Program

With Family Martial Arts Class, family members spend quality time together in an activity which everyone can participate in and enjoy. Unlike other sport activities, you can enjoy our martial arts classes with your child while training in classes with other adults. This class brings family closer by enjoying exercise and activity together.  

Our family martial arts program provides family members:

  • Family Fun Classes
  • Great Workout while Spending Time Together
  • Lifelong Memories
  • Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together!

Testimonials from Our Students for Family Class

When my family first arrived in Lexington we looked all over the city for an authentic Taekwondo school comparable to the award winning one I went to when I was young.  After extensive searching, my family finally found Dr. Kim and his facility.  In fact being a world-class athlete and reputable professional, Dr. Kim even knew my original instructor for when I was a kid.  It was even great to discover how reputable Dr. Kim is within the World Taekwondo community. 

Now like myself, my kids are in a phenomenal program and we have been at Dr. Kim for the last 6 months.  My kids really enjoy the school, instructors and first-class facility.  Dr. Kim and his staff are extremely accommodating and my kids’ skill levels have exponentially increased in such a short amount of time.  Furthermore, Dr. Kim’s care for the students is easily recognizable through his adherence to safety standards.  Dr. Kim and his assistants follow all COVID guidelines and additionally provide in- person and on-line classes to keep students motivated.  My husband and I appreciate how the staff cleans between classes, adheres to face mask protocols, and keeps students 6 feet apart per CDC distancing guidelines. 

Due to the professional and friendly atmosphere, I am also considering returning to Taekwondo myself since Dr. Kim’s family classes are fantastic.  My family believes that the family classes are a great opportunity to learn self-defense and develop lifelong health/fitness practices while enjoying a family activity together. 

The Harrop Family ★★★★★

I deeply enjoy family class. The family class is perfect for people of all ages! I am able to learn new forms and kicks while my husband and two children are doing the same. It is a blessing to be in the same class as my family. I strongly recommend that all families to get this enriching experience.

– The Fuqua Family ★★★★★